Friday, April 15, 2011

Upload your Etsy Profile Picture/Avatar

Profile Picutres are an important aspect of your etsy business. I feel that I want to use MY picture other than an image of my logo. The reason is because I am trying to sell myself. I am a real person selling my graphic design services to potential customers. Using your regular avatar is just as great. It is really a personal preference. Either way is great.

To change your profile image or avatar. Log on to your etsy account. At the top left handside of your screen click YOUR ACCOUNT.

You will notice your menu options have changed. One the left hand side of your screen you will see several menu options. CLICK ON public profile

Once you click on the public profile another image will apear on the left or your screen.

Click on choose file and find your avatar or profile image and upolad the image of your choice from your desktop....OR use your facebook Profile picture.

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