Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why have a reserved listing Image & how to use it

When designing etsy shop sets I always include a reserved listing photo. I just wanted to take a moment to explain what a reserved listing is and why it is nice to have. The graphic makes a clear statement that this item is reserved, but conveys a consistant and professional image of your business. The size can be 200x600 or square. Etsy takes either. I personally like square logos but either size works. I like to say the item is RESERVED for a special customer. What customer doesn't want to be told they are special. It also shows other potential customers the possibility of what you can do for them...

Here is a blog listing from Etsy about reserved listings.
"Story by CustomerCare, daniellexo, Published on Sept 16, 2008 inSeller Handbook
Dear Sellers,

Wondering how to reserve a listing in your shop for an inquiring buyer? It's easy as pie! Here's how:

1) Edit your item listing by going to Your Account >Currently For Sale > Edit

2) Click the edit icon (pencil) next to your item's title to change the title. Here you want to boldly state that this listing is reserved for your customer. For example, *Reserved for DANIELLEXO only - Diamond Necklace*. Making "reserved" the first word in your listing ensures that buyers can clearly see the item is reserved in the search results, both Gallery and List views.

3) Scroll down and enter this info in the item description as well. (Just in case the title was not sufficiently obvious!)

4) It is optional to use a special graphic or add text to your first photo stating this item is reserved. This is an effective way of visually communicating to buyers that the item is not intended for them!

5) Make sure you complete editing your listing by continuing to Step 5 and clicking "Finish".

And you're done! Now the item is back in your shop and clearly reserved for your customer.