Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Blog TIP.....

I was blog hopping this morning completely annoyed at folks who are not setting the widths on there blogs...It is driving me here is my post to help...

I have been designing blogs for quite sometime.  There are lots of fabulous folks out there who do the same but they make things so complicated   My goals is to HELP YOU, make your blog fabulous   The reason is it is much less of a headache if you can do it for yourself.  One of the most common mistakes I see on blogs is soooo easy to fix.  When I see blog buttons on your side bars and images on your side bars that are hanging of your mat   I would attach examples but I don't want to embarrass anyone.  This is done by adjusting the width of those columns or sidebars.  Log on to your blog ....look on your side bar

Click on Templates

Then click on Adjust Widths.  
You can move the left side bar, and right side bar.  I suggest 250 this will fix all buttons. 
I also recommend a width of at least 950-1000 pixels wide.

Happy blogging.
Here is a note.  You header needs to be about 20 pixels less than the width of your blog.