Sunday, May 24, 2015

FREE bottlecap images, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The other day I was spring cleaning when I noticed how pretty the images were.  Maybe it is a graphic designer thing.  It seemed like such a waste to toss away.  Surely I could find use for it.  Summer is coming up and I am always looking for something to entertain my kids with.   I have a bunch of bottle caps and I thought these images would make perfect bottle cap image crafts.  We are going to use them for necklaces and Christmas ornaments and such.  For FUN...  I personally don't sell crafts, any crafts I make are for my kiddos....I hope you enjoy...I was able to make 125 bottlecaps...From this pile of trash....You can use for colleges, cards, and other crafts as well.



During my cleaning I found a old activity book that was colored in and everything in the books was complete.  I found some wonderful images that could be used.  The were small so perfect for a bottlecap image.  The entire book contained lots of GREAT images.  So not only did it help my daughter with mastering school concepts, but I used it for bottle caps later.  I am sure you have tons of old tattered and torn books that go in the trash....they would be perfect for bottlecap images...Cards and more.

I found adds from my junk mail, with wonderful images.  My son just had a birthday.  We had lots of packaging left from that.  I was so surprised at how many images I was able to save from the trash and put to use in a craft.  The bottlecap images take up very little space.  So Perfect for rainy day crafts.  Or your crafting needs...

I hope you enjoy...