Thursday, January 24, 2013

Watermarking Your Photos

UPDATED August 2013
There is a chance when you publish your images online that your images will be stolen, or used without your permission.  Don't think because you are not a published professional your images don't deserve the same protection.  When images are taken from your small business, or personal blog it is a huge violation of your rights.  It will also ruin your day.  One simple way to protect yourself is to watermark your photos.  It depends on your logo..but you don't need a traditional "watermark" for your image.  Meaning it doesn't need to be see through unless it your particular logo doesn't work unless it is.  There are no rules.  JUST PROTECT YOUR PHOTO.

When most folks think watermark they think the need this super special graphic image for their photos, and that is a huge process.  But it is not.  It can be as simple as just typing your website or name on your photographs.  I just used Photoshop and added text to my image.  It was easy.  I have to crop my image anyway so it was no big deal.
This is my submission to an online Design Team for Scrapbooking.
This is my little girl if someone took this image and passed it off as theirs I would be PISSED.  
There are a few FREE online places that you can use to watermark your image.  Here are two.  super easy.  You might want to have an account don't worry about going pro unless it is something you really need.

http:/  also super easy.  Works well with your Flicker account.  You can add an image or a text to your image.  You can also do multiple photos at once.  Perfect if you are doing old photos from your album.  It also allows you to do tiled text, which mean the entire photo is covered in your watermark or copywright.

Also you THERE is an app for that.  Whatever phone you have there is an app you can use to take photos and add a watermark...I have a Android phone and I downloaded "Add A Watermark" they have a free verison that just adds text....and a app for $1.99 that you can add your own watermark...It is awesome and super easy to use.  ( I get nothing for saying so..)
here is the results...

Next, is if I have designed a logo for you use that on your photo as a watermark.  Just place or insert your logo on top of your product photo.  this was super easy...but there are tons of apps...and software programs...
Here is an old logo of mine on one of my crafts.  

Here is an old logo of mine on one of my crafts.
I have change d the opacity of my logo to 70%

To watermark your photos with a more permanent and easy solution I recommend investing in a photo-editing software program called Photoshop elements.  It is just like the professional photoshop I use but so much easier to use.  There are tons of FREEBIES on line for you to download for future projects, and it has a watermark button function. HERE IS A HOW TO

It is $99 for a new version 11 but I know lots of folks who just purchase older unopened verisons.  Ebay is the best place.  Just search photoshop elements.  I have had about 20 customers follow my advice...and so far everyone is happy.  You can find an older unopened box for $99 cents - $20.  Make sure you look at the seller and see if there are any complaints.  You can find some on AMAZON as well.  Here is one..  It is not as cheap...but...

I used a version 3.0 for many years until I earned enough money to purchase photoshop about 2 years ago.  Any version is great.  The newer ones have the fun tools.

You can download a free trial...just google photoshop elements to check it out.  And if you need any help once you get it uploaded...just ask and I will be happy to help.

There are free photoediting software but they are not as easy as having one of your own.
Here are two (I like this one the best)

Any digital camera you have purchased, or printer has free software you can isn't the best but it is better than..nothing..

QUICK TIP:  Save your images no higher than 150dpi.  There is no need to do any higher for the internet.  It makes it so much harder to alter your images, and pass as theirs   Anything below 150 dpi is just for looking.  Keep it on your desktop for your records as a higher file. This is how I protect my graphics.  The look great on your screen but when you try to save them and alter them on your desktop....IT DOESN'T WORK...  HaHa... Here is my etsy shop.  It is a little fuzzy, but worth it to protect my hard work....