Friday, February 24, 2012


I have 10 more weeks until I welcome a new bounceing baby boy.  I have had such a blast looking for handmade items on etsy to add to his nursery and wordrobe.  As I am looking I am noticing lots of talented artists are in need of a REVAMPED etsy shop.  One that can acentuate the beautiful products you have posted in your shop.  Remember with so many shops opening on Etsy everyday it is important to wow potential customers quickly and a professional shop set is the way to go!.  

I am looking for nominations for a FREE etsy makeover.  The etsy shop set will include a banner, avatar, thank you image, reserved listing, colors, fonts, and logo.  Nominate yourself or a friend but NOT a complete stranger.  You can also find information on my facebook page. 
CONTEST ENDS 2/28/2012

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