Monday, March 5, 2012

How to Make your blog posts "Pinable" on pinterest.

As if my plate were not full enough I am now completely addicted to Pinterest.  On my personal blog ( I post lots of fun crafts and how to's.  One way to generate traffic to my blog is to offer folks who enjoy my craft or tutorial to PIN IT, or bookmark it.  This is an easy one step way to get your products or blog posts noticed.  Yes they can also share it on facebook, and twitter...but it is not that hard to add a pin as well...It also has a number counter or PIN neat is that?

Now how do you do it?
Go to the link below and scroll down to "pin it" for websites
You will see a window that looks like this...

1.  The url is the link to your ARTICLE.....So not only do you want to link the website but the article as well...Click on the subject or the title an it will give you a specific link.  (it is so annoying when ME as a pinterest follower to have to read the entire blog to find the pin...most of the time I just give up)
Here is a sample of a post I have done before...

2.  URL image is an image you want to link from the blog post....
Example....Click on an image you used and then right click on it and copy image URL...
I have attached a sample...

Once you have that code click the image icon on your blog and paste the image link url in Pintrest window
and then TADA

You will receive a code and just copy and paste that at the end of your posts....But be sure to click on the upper left hand window of your post and HIT HTML instead of compose.....This is a great incentive to use your blog.  This is a way to post all of your new products and you will get lots of help spreading the word.  Don't forget to watermark or label your photos.  

***note.  If every time you post a new Article or etsy listing your make a habit posting about it on your blog, then ad a pin...then from your etsy shop you share on facebook and twitter.  There is not reason why you will not be successful.  Make it a habit...If you log on to pinterest with facebook and twitter it allows you or your pinners to share your post on all or any of the others....Just a few clicks and enter.  How cool is that.  

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  1. Great post! I have been having trouble getting my photos to pin properly, so hopefully this way will work for me. Question for you, Do you use the Basic or Advanced code for your blog posts? Thanks!
    abowman at bowmancreations dotcom

  2. Thanks! This post was super helpful. I have a new blog but couldn't figure out how to make it pin-able.