Friday, April 29, 2011

Photo editing with Picnik

If you are selling your handmade products online then you must take great photos.

Here was an article from the ETSY blog about using a free software program called Picnik. The writer of this article frequents the front page often with her images. This is the method she uses for all of her photos. I signed up for picnik. It was free. I took the same ugly photo and edited it. It was just the push of one button and it was super easy. Picnik has lots of advanced features that are awesome. I use these same filters in photoshop and it takes me an hour to achieve the effects that Picnik achieves in an hour.It was really great when I realized you can take your photos from your facebook page and bring them into picnik for editing. I would say that Picnik is a great investment of your time. Look at the images below. Which necklace would you purchase



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