Sunday, May 8, 2011

How to set up a Facebook Fan Page

With today's handmade business a personal connection and interaction is at an all-time high due to the increased use of social media tools like facebook and twitter. On one scrollable newsfeed page, a potential customer can see what is going on with your business at a glance, and get immediate feeback on your product or services. Facebook enables you to build trust through informative updates, pictures, videos, and timely responses to consumer questions. Fan pages are visible to everyone, regardless of them holding a Facebook account or not. If you send an email or Tweet (from Twitter) which includes a link to your Facebook page, anyone will be able to view your page. Facebook provides analytics and ‘like’ widgets to keep you informed of the weekly number of visitors to your page along with their gender, age range, location, and language spoken. By posting relevant information from your blog or website on your Facebook page, you will point Facebook visitors back to your Web site and gain more traction with a highly engaged target audience.

With all of these benefits and virtually no risk or cost, there is no reason why your small business should not have a Facebook page. Of course, you’ve got to commit. Starting a page and abandoning it may have a negative effect on your clients and potential clients.

Here is a great tutorial for you to follow to set up a fan page.

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