Monday, May 9, 2011

What are those number signs On Twitter?

What are those # number signs On Twitter? I often get asked this question.

The hash marks or hash tags (#) before a word in a post allows you to tag that post for that word. However, in order to get tracked via a hash tag, you need to opt-in and follow Once you’re following Hashtags, every time you make a post in Twitter and tag it with a hash mark. For example If you are a handmade business and you sell hair bows or tutus you might want to put a HASH MARK or # in front of that key word so anyone searching for that product would find you.

If you then visit, you can click on any tag and it will show you all of the posts that have been tagged with that keyword.

I use the term “keyword” with a grain of salt since some of the tags aren’t keywords in the sense that you know them related to search engine optimization, because some of the tags are completely non-sensical in nature. And although you can get a complete list of words that have been tagged on the site, there is no way (at least currently) to search for a specific tag.

Here are some sites you might find useful.

  • – Twubs are groups of words using the hashtag in Twitter. It’s kind of a neat little site so I’d check it out.
  • – This site is useful as well. It helps you understand what those Hashtags mean. For instance the hastag #TLS means “The Love Stories”. All kinds of goodies here and you can even help define them yourself.
  • – This helps you follow Hashtag trends.

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