Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How to Add a Signature to your Blog

UPDATED 2/1/2013
One of my most asked questions is how to add a signature to the bottom of your blog. It is super simple. I have seen some REALLY complicated tutorials out there so beware.

1st thing you must do is create your signature and save as a PNG file with a transparent background or use a background that will match your blog. 
-You can use picnick OR image Monkey or any software you have. You can use Publisher and PowerPoint and right click on the image and save it as a png file.
-If you can't figure out how to make one you can always request that I create you one from my etsy store. 
-There are lots of scams out there about Signature creators. Please avoid them. If I find some safe ones I will post them. If you know of any please post below in the comments. I don't like the ones that require you to sign in, or give your email address. That usually means they want to send you lots of spam, and who likes spam. The best thing to do it just find a font you like and type what you want as your signature.

Save that image in an online album. The same album you use for your avatars would be perfect. I have gmail and I use Picassa.

1. Go to the top of you blog and click on SETTINGS
2. You will now scroll down to the title POST TEMPLATE (it has a blue word that says add...when you click it you will get the box) in this box you will post this code 
(img src="http://theURLlocationofyourimage.png") Replace the ( )'s with < >. If you don't this will not work...
Then Save your changes. Now each time you compose a blog posting your signature will be located at the bottom. When you start a new post you will find the signature is already there. SO DON'T DELETE IT.

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