Saturday, January 14, 2012

JuJu Eyeball

It is a New Year.  It is hard to imagine it is 2012.  Wow.
My resolution is to set a good example and update my blog.  I can't very well set a good business example and tell you to do things that I don't do myself.

One of my first Cutomers of the year was JuJu Eyeball.  Her banner looked like this, and it was clearly noticeable that she had a unique and eclectic style...

She told me she really loved the colors...and I do as well.  She also asked that I use an eyeball as her logo image.  This request was right up my alley....

Here is the banner I created...

and here avatar

As you can see this is a One of a kind custom design that included a complete etsy shop set, and High resolution logo, with a facebook banner, and all of the font and color code information. 

You can find her etsy shop HERE  JuJu Eyeball
Karyn & Chelsea... the wonderful Etsy Artisans who own 2 etsy shops and they say
"We're at our best when we're at our weirdest!"
Our shop name, JuJuEyeball, like BuyMeLove, is a reference to the Beatles. After all, JJE is the twisted sister store to BML. Also like BuyMeLove, the name has a double meaning: JuJu is the nickname of our beloved rescue Yorkie, Jewel!

Check out some of their creations...

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